Verona / Milano 12 13 october 2015

Virtuous models for an open confrontation between Italy and China

“Save the ecology through art” for the Master Zhu Renmin not just a slogan: it is a dream that became reality, that takes shape and from the canvas, color painting on paper is materialized in reality.

With the occasion of Milano EXPO thinking to the role of the places (crops, territories, landscapes) as sources of equilibrium for the community and as a place where create the energy for life, the master Zhu Renmin wanted to be the promoter of this international meeting in Verona and Milan (12 October Letteraia Company, Verona and 13 October Polytechnic Bovisa and Palazzo Reale, Milan) to open on this issue a confrontation between different experiences.

Monday 12 October at 17.30 Literary Society Verona Lectio Magistralis Prof. Zhu Renmin

Tuesday October 13 Milan

- 10.00 Politecnico Bovisa: The project of community from art, sustainability and economy Moderator Prof. Giulio Ceppi Politecnico di Milano

Speakers: Antonio Prota Greeen Road hills ionic south Italy, Laura Galluzzo Milan Polytechnic Cultivating the garden convivial inside at Politecnico University, Paolo Naldini Fondazione Pistoletto, Giacomo Bianchi Arte Sella, Prof. Zhu Renmin China.

- 14.45 Palazzo Reale Piazza Duomo: Art Ecology Economy

Moderator Roberto Bianconi Officina Contemporanea

Greetings: Cristina Tajani Councillor of the City of Milan, Maurizio Di Robilant President Foundation Italy Land of Beauty, Luigi Pettinati Cassapadana General Manager, Roberto Lanzi Monaco community of Siloe Tuscany, Gabriele Altobelli President Assoartisti.

Speakers: Arch. Fabrizio Carola Italy / Africa, Arch. Henrique Pessoa Brazil, Arch. Edoardo Milesi Italy / Haiti, Arch. Pietr Markmann Ukraine, Arch. Eduard Mjic Germany, Art / Designer Jay Vigon US, Arch. Zhu Renmin China.