The Officina spaces

Located in the historic centre of Verona and even outside the restricted traffic zone, the OfficinaContemporanea spaces
are located in a beautiful building built in the 20 ‘s in style.
Designed by architect Banterla in Verona has also designed spaces known as the building Supercinema
now home to the warehouses and the Dopolavoro Ferroviario located in via XX Settembre.
The tradition of our activities opened in 2001 is of meetings, exhibits, research laboratories of various kinds pertaining to the mission of Contemporary and traditional Workshops according to the Fuorisalone we organised on the occasion of the biggest fairs in the city.
The rooms in the Palace are two large, one on the ground floor and one in the gallery below, and another two between the gallery and the offices on the first floor. The offices on the first floor is like all offices and also the salon on the ground floor furnished with furniture designed by architect Banterla in the original project.
There is the possibility to use the main entrance of the building and the great Hall for important meetings or exhibitions listings then you shave it with further exposure to the underlying floor in the gallery and wish to organize a catering service or even upstairs in the gallery itself. Small meeting occasions or business meetings between executives of companies that can meet in Verona from cities around the world, you can organize in the meeting rooms is the first plan that in the gallery below. The entrance to the Gallery is autonomous although also on the mezzanine were to concurrently hold other events or meetings, both linked that.